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InterCall Unified Meeting lets you easily start or join online meetings that let you talk, present and share web cam videos from a single interface.

Key Benefits

  • Reliable and secure
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Always ready, no reservations required
  • Excuse-free meetings—no participant downloads, compatible with common business tools
  • Manage better audio meetings from the web interface

Best Uses

  • Collaborate with virtual teams
  • Train remote colleagues and customers
  • Review documents in real time
  • Present to customers and prospects

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Additional Asked Questions

What is InterCall Unified Meeting? How many people can join an InterCall Unified Meeting? What technology/infrastructure is needed to support InterCall Unified Meeting? What are the system requirements? Where can I download InterCall Unified Meeting? What equipment do I need to use video? What if I do not have a web camera? What is the Desktop Icon? How do I start an Instant meeting? How do I invite people to an Instant meeting? Can I schedule InterCall Unified Meeting meetings directly from my Outlook or Lotus Notes Calendar? How do I start a Scheduled meeting? How do participants join a Scheduled meeting? How do participants connect to the phone portion of a web meeting after they have joined online? Can I encrypt my meeting for additional security? What is application sharing? Can I annotate a presentation or shared application? What types of reports are available with InterCall Unified Meeting? What recording capabilities does InterCall Unified Meeting have? How do I make my recorded meeting available to others? Can I still get operator assistance on a conference managed through InterCall Unified Meeting?
FIRST TIME USER? Install your InterCall Unified Meeting by clicking on the .exe link below and follow the onscreen instructions.


Download InterCall Unified Meeting® using one of the links below. For online meeting user guides and references click the resources tab above.

Current version: | Release date: December 6, 2013
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Lotus Notes Administrators: Additonal Setup Information

For Lotus IT Administrators Only: The following toolkit template is necessary if you want to integrate the InterCall Unified Meeting calendar add-in to your Lotus Notes company email template. Consult your deployment guide for more details.


User Guides

Download online meeting user guides and references for InterCall Unified MeetingSM from the list below.
To install InterCall Unified Meeting on your computer, click the download tab above.

FREE Online Training

To get up to speed quickly on InterCall Unified Meeting, please join the live, instructor-led Quick Start course. You will learn the basics of scheduling and leading meetings. For more comprehensive training, please participate in the courses listed below.

Recommended Sequence

  1. Managing Your InterCall Unified Meeting Account: in-depth details on how to schedule and manage meetings.
  2. Managing Your InterCall Unified Meeting Resources: manage presentations, surveys, polls and more.
  3. Basic InterCall Unified Meeting Leader Training: the basics of how to effectively lead meetings.
  4. Intermediate InterCall Unified Meeting Leader Training: learn how to manage participants, breakout rooms and more.

Self-paced Training

Web-based sessions completed at your own pace. Hands-on exercises with real-time feedback.

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